7 Cities for a Luxury Vacation in Mexico

Thinking about heading south, but wondering where you’ll find the upscale style you’re after? We’ve got the lowdown on luxury in none other than Mexico.

One-of-a-kind cuisine, sprawling shores, ancient villages—Mexico has it all. However, if you’re organizing a trip to this splendid country, you’re going to want to do it right. Adding some luxe-minded cities to your itinerary is the way to go, even if accompanied by some low-key, traditional locales along the way.

To our jettsetting friends, read on to get the inside scoop on some of the best luxurious Mexican getaways.


Acapulco is no stranger to the upscale scene in Mexico. Despite the fact that many newer resort regions took its shine in decades past, this place is coming back stronger than ever. You and your loved ones can stay on the top floor of premium buildings and swim in infinity pools that line the coast for one seriously unbeatable view. For a romantic stay, enjoy a cliff-edge villa with private pool at Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués where the sunsets are unbeatable.

Trips to the golf course or tennis courts will surely keep you occupied during your stay. To add to it, the region’s famed cliff divers are a sight to be seen. La Quebrada Cliff Divers are a professional group who perform daily shows for the public, soaring off of high places and making waves with their talent—literally.


The capital of Yucatan, Merida is a beautiful amalgam of Mayan, Spanish and Lebanese cultures. As a result, this Mexican destination has a unique way of expressing itself. It’s contemporary, but also manages to boast archaeological sites that are well worth a visit.

Visit the Mercado Santiago and try some new-to-you fruits and veggies. Stop by San Ildefonso Cathedral and witness one of Latin America’s oldest places of worship. Stay at Rosas & Xocolate (an adorable luxury boutique establishment) or any premier hacienda for accommodation and pampering that you deserve. And be sure to swim in the cenotes, an inherent landscape amenity that resulted from asteroid contact about 66 million years past.


Everyone knows about Cancun, but what happens when you head a little south from the notorious party paradise? The answer lies in bohemian beachfront town of Tulum. While Tulum is no secret, it sure remains a luxurious and adventurous respite for anyone who makes the journey. White sand beaches and pristine weather have successfully attracted some of the most splendid resorts you can imagine.

Perhaps the coolest part about this city is the Mayan ruins that lie above shore-bound cliff faces. You’re bound to find plenty of opportunity to practice your yoga, try some deep-sea fishing, explore the ancient history and so much more. To make the most out of your stay, enjoy accommodations at Hotel Esencia or Casa Malca, both located on pristine white-sand beaches. Enjoy some unique cocktails and book a totally private, undoubtedly romantic dinner for two in the magnificent Dos Ojos cenote.

San Miguel de Allende

Head to Guanajuato and you’ll soon find yourself in the city of San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO historic district that’s everything it claims to be. It’s artistic to the core, and you’ll easily find an abstract sense of luxury here. Baroque churches and colorful haciendas accentuate the region.

Hundreds of markets and restaurants dapple the streets, including Aperi and Zumo. Culinary loves will enjoy the inventive flavors this city has to offer. Various art schools offer classes for travelers and expats, so you can bring a bit of artístico to your excursions. The reputable Travel + Leisure publication even named San Miguel de Allende the best city in the world, two years in a row. Stay at Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, made up of six Spanish-colonial mansions, where you’ll feel at home with the historical charm and colorfully painted rooms.


Did you know that Mexico’s Oaxaca has been populated for at least 2,500 years? The Zapotec people are indigenous to the region, proving just how deeply rooted this culture goes. Nowadays, travelers make their way here to experience the authenticity for themselves, through restaurants with rave reviews and—yes—luxury accommodation.

Many of the buildings are made from Cantera stone, a shiny, light-colored volcanic rock that’s mined right in Mexico. If you stay at Quinta Real Oaxaca, you’ll find yourself amidst buildings, gardens and courtyards that were once home to Santa Catalina nuns. Enjoy this romantic luxury hotel nestled in the historic center of Oaxaca, Mexico. Considering Oaxaca is known as the country’s culinary capital, we recommend bringing an adventurous palate and trying some novel fare.

Mexico City

As the capital of the country, there’s no denying that you’ve heard of Mexico City. Nonetheless, you may not realize just how chic and urbane it really is. A cornucopia of modern culture and vibrant history ensures you’ll never be bored amidst the Valley of Anahuac. Test out the nightlife, which practically has no limits. Go museum hopping and soak up artistic, architectural and archaeological wisdom all the while. Take a private cooking class with the likes of Graciela Montaño and learn how to pair traditional Mexican spirits with your favorite authentic plates.

Filled with luxe-minded affairs, Chapultepec Park and Polanco shamelessly call the most luxurious of travelers their way. Home to high-end hotels, designer stores, art galleries and theaters. Spend some time in this beautiful neighborhood and dine at Pujol or Quintonil for a new wave of Mexican cooking.


Once you’re done venturing through the veins of Mexico City, take a trip about 220 miles northwest and you’ll encounter the colorful colonialism of Guanajuato. It’s here that Mexican heritage takes center stage, through architecture, events and local living.

Thanks to its cobbled ways and colorful buildings, Guanajuato is a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hotel Boutique 1850 and Hotel Villa Maria Cristina are just a couple of premium accommodations you’ll be happy to lay your head. Take your pick of golf courses to spend a sunny day. When the day is done and it’s time to take a bite of some upscale cuisine, Mestizo, Casa Valadez and so many more establishments await your visit.

¡Hasta Pronto, Viajeros!

Whether with your spouse, a group of friends or even with the fam, we couldn’t recommend a vacation to Mexico more. Get the most out of your time by adding some premium destinations to the list. From breathtaking seas, colonial towns and picturesque mountains, there’s plenty of attractions for every type of traveler. Whatever you do, don’t forget to dive into local food and enjoy the beautiful nature, all of which live aplenty in the land of Mexico.

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