10 Best Cities to Spend New Year’s Eve

For auld lang syne, you’ll want to make your way to one of these 10 cities, all of which are the perfect setting for NYE.

The end of the year brings a lot of feelings to the surface. It prompts us to take stock of our lives, how far we’ve come and what goals we have yet to reach. It gives us the chance to start anew. Sometimes, that means heading to a whole new city to celebrate the year ahead.

As 2019 makes way for 2020, these 10 cities are gearing up to celebrate. Get ready for New Year’s Eve celebrations that take the cake from one side of the world to the other.

Sydney, Australia

Blue and white fireworks over the Sydney Opera House in a dazzling spectacle of lights.

Not only is Sydney Harbour teeming with a glowing fireworks extravaganza each New Year’s Eve, but it also just so happens to take place smack dab in the middle of Australian summer. No winter jackets required. You can even rent a boat and pop some champagne on the water or grab a coveted outdoor reservation at one of the city’s fine waterfront dining spots. If you’ve never seen the Opera House, now is the chance to revel in its glory.

Dubai, UAE

Firework display at Dubai marina at night, UAE.

Maybe you’ve already been to Dubai and even seen the Burj Khalifa in person. But if you haven’t been there on NYE, you still have plenty left to explore. A curated fireworks display explodes all around the world’s tallest skyscraper, making quite the scene for any city dweller to see. After the show, you can head to the nearby Burj Plaza or Dubai Mall for a more relaxed shopping and eating scene.

Venice, Italy

Fireworks over the Rialto Bridge during New Year’s Eve.

Venice isn’t a massive place, but it really throws down come December’s end. Visit for the new year and you’ll find crowds of people making their way through alleyways and canals, all of whom will likely be trying to get to St. Mark’s Square. It’s here that the town lets loose in the piazza as they watch fireworks explode from a nearby barge. The scene is somehow romantic and full of revelry in one fell swoop, giving you every reason to head to Italy with your beloved for NYE. Perfect for the adventurous traveler, spending New Year’s Eve in the breathtaking city of Venice is the ideal way to start off your year.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous New Year Firework Display in Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

We’re fans of any beachy destination, especially in the middle of the holiday season. With Rio de Janeiro hosting fireworks and fun along the city’s beaches, you have every excuse to shun the snow and head instead toward a warm respite. A 2.5-mile stretch of beach, Copacabana brings millions of rowdy visitors, some of whom spray champagne when the new year rolls around. It’s quite the party, but those seeking a good view without the revelry can find themselves a quality spot between lifeguard stands 5 and 6.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is a 3-day festival full of events that include live music concerts and a massive street party.

Most New Year’s Eve events last one night, but things are a little bit different in Scotland. A 3-day celebration, Hogmanay is the perfect excuse to finally check Edinburgh off your bucket list. Live music, fireworks, shows, they’ve got it all. While the weather is likely to be chilly and wet, a couple of drinks and a load of events ought to distract you good and well. Find a pub in nearby Stockbridge for pre or post-gaming (The Scran & Scallie has award-winning eats and drinks alike).

Reykjavik, Iceland

Christmas & NYE is a huge season in the capital of Iceland and the city will be more alive than ever.

Winter is the best time to catch Iceland’s Northern Lights. With New Year’s Eve celebrations being a part of the season, it only makes sense to kill two birds with one stone. A firework show doubles as a fundraising event for the national search-and-rescue unit. Bonfires, ship bells and harbor horns all add to the area’s sights and sounds. If however, you want to be in the centre of the show – celebrate at the square right in front of Hallgrímskirkja church where you will find thousands of people and fireworks lighting up the sky.

Tokyo, Japan

New Year’s Eve fireworks with the famous Tokyo Tower.

Within the greater Tokyo area, Yokohama sits right across the Tokyo Bay. It’s here that NYE celebrations really go down. You’ll get a western style party in a Japanese setting, meaning you can have your cake and eat it, too. If culture is more your thing, head to one of the city’s many temples, where a monk will ring the bell 108 times (to cleanse you from your 108 worldly desires) come midnight.

Prague, Czech Republic

The hot spots to watch the fireworks are the famous Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and Prague Castle.

Prague knows how to throw a party, and its NYE celebration is evidence. Music and dancing, party boats and fireworks, this city has got it all. Visitors from around the world travel to the city to welcome in the new year. It’s always good to plan ahead and make sure you have an idea of where to go, what to do, and how to get there – especially during the arctic temperatures that are usually around this time of year. You can find the perfect spot to watch fireworks at the bustling Old Town Square, or head to the Prague Castle where you can find some of the most spectacular views.

Bangkok, Thailand

New Year’s Eve celebration in Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok.

Thai people are great at partying. Full of nightlife and shopping, Central World Plaza and Asiatique are a good time no matter the season. On New Year’s Eve, these spaces become posts for firework spotting. Rooftop bars and skyscraper dining establishments make for a pristine seat before the show. If the big city isn’t your style, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangan will give you beachy vibes and fire spinning shows galore for NYE.

New York City, USA

Atmospheric New Year’s Eve celebration on famous Times Square with countless happy people enjoying the party.

Everyone knows about New York’s NYE hoorah, but we still think it’s worth putting on the map. Times Square becomes the shindig of all shindigs, with a million people gathering in anticipation of the ball dropping. Even more people across the nation and world watch from their own homes and gatherings to feel close to the legendary celebration. Since it’s a star-studded event, don’t be surprised if you run into a celeb as you wait for 2020 to arrive.

Make it a Night to Remember

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the possibilities of the new year ahead. Whatever city you travel to and whoever you choose to spend that last second of the year with, Minutella Travels wants to wish you the best for the new year. Cheers to happiness, health, love and most importantly, a new year with a fresh outlook on life. Whether you’re traveling far from home or cozied up in the comfort of your own abode. If you choose to get on the move, these 10 cities will surely welcome you in sheer celebration.

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