The Best Bali Luxury Spas to Visit During Your Island Getaway

Visit one of Bali’s best luxury spas for an unparalleled sense of relaxation.

If you’re vying for an island escape, it only makes sense that you’d be after some quality R&R. After all, rest and relaxation are the bow on that holiday package. During your visit to the most renowned Indonesian island, you might as well make an outing to one of the best Bali luxury spas there is.

From herbal remedies to intensive treatments, spas across Bali deliver pampering of a different echelon. We’ve got the skinny on the most upscale of the bunch, all so you can head straight to the spa with the most silken of atmospheres.

Visesa Healing Spa

Based in Ubud, Visesa Healing Spa unapologetically focuses on the deeper meaning of peace. Their holistic approach to all things wellness has led innumerable guests to find a greater calm. With a penchant for Ayurveda and a promise of organic products, the staff of relaxation experts can lead you to a level of tranquility never before thought possible.

Go for a mud scrub followed by a soothing, steamy shower. Or stay for a full retreat if you want to dig a little deeper. How much healing you wish to acquire is totally up to you, but Visesa will always be eager to grant it.


This spa retreat proves its dedication to health and wellness forthright. In fact, even the spa products themselves are homemade, right on location. So, unpack your bags and stay for a little while, absorbing all that the bamboo jungle has to offer.

Conscious about the environment they live within, Fivelements makes an effort to honor their Bali surround. They just so happen to do so through a number of pampering services, not the least of which is a cacao butter massage and prenatal-focused facial. There really is something for everyone here, no matter the qualm they face.

Soori Spa

An element of Soori Bali, Soori Spa is a strong architectural island force. Designed with crispness and luxury in mind, this wellness center is quite a delight. On the coast of Kerambitan, with a basically private black sand beach to boot, it’s the perfect location to receive all that pampering you’ve been after.

Go for herbal massages and body scrubs of the highest echelon. After your treatments, enjoy tea ceremonies and meditation to wean you back into daily life. When all is said and done, dine at the restaurant within the hotel for a fully fine ensemble.

Sukhavati Retreat

When you want the spa itself to be the destination, Sukhavati Retreat should be your go-to. One of the most magnificent Bali luxury spas on the island, it’s an all-encompassing environment that leaves no stone unturned.

A sprawling estate that feels cozy from every angle, this place has multiple swimming pools, a yoga pavilion, ayurveda center and even a vedic library for all your research needs. Stay in a high-end villa that promotes utmost wellness and make the most of the daily programs for tranquility from the inside out.

COMO Shambhala Estate

If you’re seeking something a bit more in-depth, COMO Shambhala Estate delivers. Located near Ubud, the spa offers a 360-degree treatment experience where jungle sounds flourish, and wellness finds its way.

COMO Shambhala is one of the most exclusive spas on the land, and it’s the perfect chance to find wellness and socialization in a single destination. Take a yoga class by the river, steam in the sauna, and revel in flower baths and massages at this elegant hideaway.

Sundari Day Spa

Bali culture is a deeply rooted phenomenon. Sundari Day Spa honors its island roots through the practice of Tri Hita Karana, a philosophy that sheds light on the spirit, the environment and one another, all in one fell swoop.

A sense of calmness sweeps the facility, thanks in part to wood and bamboo structures that bring guests back to nature. Attend with your special someone and take part in the Bhakti couple ritual or go it alone and experience the five-hour inspiration ritual. If traditional pampering is more your style, Balinese massage and organic aloe vera body wrap services are always available.

Four Seasons Resort Bali Sayan

Within the luxurious accommodation that is the Four Seasons Resort Bali lies a little something called The Sacred River Spa. This is one of those spas that grants more than you could ever have expected, with mind and body wellness at the forefront of every interaction.

A basis in one-of-a-kind treatments, The Sacred River Spa maintains an honest level of transparency during every session. From four-hands massages to seven chakra ceremonies, your body will be integrating with spiritual massages and relaxation at its fullest. The final result is often referred to as a total lightness of being, and that’s something we’re willing to test out.

AYANA Resort and Spa

Located a few miles from the airport looking over Jimbaran Bay, AYANA Resort and Spa offers a perfect getaway and a luxury experience. Make the most out of your Bali vacation and relax with by-the-sea spa treatments. Perhaps most well known for having one of the world’s largest Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pools, this refined establishment takes luxury and elegance to a new level.

The extensive spa menu offers everything from body massages, beauty treatments, nail care, anti-aging and slimming treatments. Have experts infuse your skin with exotic ingredients and essential oils for a state of relaxation. Sit for a detox body treatment or back to nature aromatic petal massage, whichever your body is craving. Even the gentlemen of the bunch have a purpose here, what with foot revival, men’s facials and more on the menu. Enjoy an afternoon at the spa and you just may find a new perspective on beauty.

The Perfect Setting to Prioritize Your Wellbeing

For those wanting a holistic health retreat, this island is definitely the place to take a load off. Bali luxury spas that cater to the finer palates are a pristine environment for that well-deserved rejuvenation. As you relish in tranquility of a higher esteem, all you’ll have on your mind is your own thriving wellbeing.


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