8 of the Best Rooftops in Paris

For a skyline view of Paris, climb some stairs and take a seat at one of the best rooftop locales.

As it turns out, traveling through Paris is as romantic as it’s made out to be. Winding alleys, tucked-away neighborhoods, locals wandering with baguette and a bottle of wine in tow—it’s all the norm. Whether it’s your first time to this legendary city or you’ve found yourself here more frequently than you can count, there’s always something novel to explore. Not the least of these are unexpected rooftop bars and cafes in Paris.

If you and your family hope to spend some time looking toward the horizon from the vantage point of a Parisian rooftop, Paris rooftop cafes and bars are a thing to strive for. You get a view while you sip, as well as the chance to chat with friends old and new at the top of an awe-inspiring metropolis.

Check Out These Rooftop Wonders

1. Terrass Hotel

Paris is a multifaceted destination, and this gem of Parisian rooftop cafes is evidence. From one side, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. And from the other? The beautiful Sacre-Coeur and Butte Montmartre.

A quaint terrace that puts it all into perspective, Terrass Hotel serves up one seriously upscale meal. In the summertime, breakfast goes on from 7:30 am onward. Otherwise an evening meal from 5 pm to midnight is the ideal excuse to find your way to the seventh story.

2. Kong

Paris is beautiful even in the rain, but those misty days aren’t always the best setting for open terrace dining. That’s what makes Kong an excellent addition to our collection of rooftop bars worth visiting. Should you find yourself in the first arrondissement, there’s no questioning whether or not to snag yourself a seat.

A modern slice of design, Kong feels like something out of the future. Its globular shape showcases the city at large in all its glory, and the flavors of dishes like stracciatella and tartare only enhance the experience.

3. 43 Up on the Roof

Some rooftop cafes show you a mere sliver of the city you’re in, but 43 Up on the Roof is not one of them. With a total view at your fingertips, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete panorama.

For cocktails, champagne and shareable bites alike, this member of the rooftop bars club is anything but mediocre. To find it, make your way to the Holiday Inn Paris Notre Dame, and head straight to the ninth floor. So long as you plan your holiday for spring or summer, this nightly attraction calls to you and your traveling crew.

4. Le Perchoir

When traveling in any city, it only makes sense you’d want to spot the place where locals hang. For Parmentier in Paris, Le Perchoir is just the destination. As music plays and the fire crackles, you can hold onto your cocktail and chat with your new Parisian acquaintances at this rooftop bar.

The entrance on the ground is easy to miss, but once you’re at the top, the adventure will prove well worth your while. Share tapas as you converse, and split a bottle of wine after starting with the cocktail of the day.

5. La Terrassee

A staple of rooftop bars in Paris, La Terrassee establishes a luxurious essence to your top-floor endeavors. Sitting at the top of Paris’s five-star Hotel Raphael, it’s the place to go for the best panoramic views of the city. Here, you’ll become privy to lush terraces and a relaxed atmosphere.

This cozy cocktail bar is open between May and September. Go with a friend or two and splurge on a worthy bottle of wine—with aperitif nibbles to boot—all the while staring out at the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

6. Brasserie d’Auteuil

Find yourself at Brasserie d’Auteuil for an Italian style rooftop in the middle of Paris. Located in an old train station, this space comes with a Tuscan feel and alluring outdoor bar, you can mingle with others as you revel in a view of this chic terrace.

This laid-back establishment offers a sense of chill and Italian delights. Enjoy the delicious cocktails and DJ while sitting on a lush oasis Paris rooftop— the perfect end to your getaway.

7. Perruche

Enjoy a day of shopping with a pit- stop at Perruche, located on the ninth floor of the Le Printemps department store. This rooftop bar and restaurant is open daily and serves exotic cocktails and an impressive yet classic French food menu. With incredible views of Paris, this rooftop is perfect for watching the Parisian sunset.

Perruche lets you admire the Eiffel Tower, Palais Garnier and La Madeline all while sitting on a beautifully decorated rooftop. Yellow and white striped seats fill the space with flowers planted along the edge of the roof. Don’t worry, this rooftop is open year-round and is heated in the winters.

8. Cafe de l’Homme

If you’re a fan of the Eiffel Tower (and who isn’t?), this cafe nestled within Trocadero Gardens is going to grant you an unbeatable view. Request to sit facing the tower and you’ll relish in the magic of a fascinating structure as you savor each bite.

Cafe de l’Homme is more than just its view, however magical that may be. Fine dining to its core, go for an afternoon tapas and well-paired wine, or visit in the evening for a flavorful meal and masterfully mixed cocktails. When the tower begins to sparkle come sundown, you’ll realize there’s no greater place than here and now.

A Toast to Paris

A toast is a toast, no matter the beverage in hand. So, pick up your espressos, or raise your martinis, and cheers to Paris in all its splendid nature. As you meander through the city toward the best rooftop bars and cafes that you can find, we hope you realize the magic of France’s most majestic urban sprawl.


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